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What is the IBCLC?

International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) are important members of the maternal-child health team specialising in breastfeeding care.

IBCLCs have diverse backgrounds and work in a variety of settings, but all have met rigorous eligibility requirements and passed an examination that assesses knowledge in breastfeeding management. Working together with families, policymakers, and the community, IBCLCs provide expert breastfeeding and lactation care and advance global public health.

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Why IBCLC Certification?

How do you show your clinical experience, specialised lactation education, and commitment to breastfeeding families? The IBCLC is the gold standard in lactation care. By earning the IBCLC, you can:

Elevate your Breastfeeding Knowledge

Rigorous eligibility requirements and continuing education for recertification keep your lactation knowledge up-to-date.

Enhance your Professional Profile

IBCLCs are recognised throughout the world as holding the premier global credential in the lactation care profession.

Protect and Support Breastfeeding

IBCLCs work collaboratively with prenatal and postpartum providers to help new families meet their breastfeeding goals.

How Do I Become an IBCLC?

Meet the Eligibility Requirements

Clinical Practice

Complete one of three Pathways to obtain the required Clinical Practice hours

Commitment to a Code of Professional Conduct

Review the Code of Professional Conduct for IBCLCs.

Sit the IBCLC Examination


During the posted application windows

Sit the IBCLC Examination

Learn more at the Examination Resource Centre

IBCLC Certification

Those that pass the examination join the nearly 36,000 IBCLCs worldwide!


IBCLC Recertification

IBCLCs must recertify every five years to maintain their credential.

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Take the IBCLC Practice Examination to experience the look and format of an IBCLC certification examination.