Lactation Specific Education

Comprehensive education in human lactation and breastfeeding is a vital part of preparing to become an IBCLC. Candidates are encouraged to secure education which covers all the disciplines and chronological periods listed on the IBCLC Detailed Content Outline.

Complete at least 95 hours of education in human lactation and breastfeeding, including 5 hours focused on communication skills, within the 5 years immediately prior to applying for the examination.

  • Includes in-person presentations, online education, distance learning and independent study modules.
  • Education may be from an IBLCE verified Continuing Education Recognition Points (CERP) Provider, but it is not required to be.
  • Education is to be on topics that are specific to lactation and breastfeeding, examples of which can be found on the IBCLC Detailed Content Outline.
  • One education hour for 60 minutes of education.

Please note: starting with examination applications for the April 2021 examination administration and those administrations following, for the 95 hours of lactation specific education, five (5) hours of education must be focused on communication skills. Preferably, these five hours will be directly related to lactation and breastfeeding care, but this is not a requirement.

The IBCLC Commission does not offer, approve, or accredit lactation education designed to prepare candidates for the certification examination. Nor does the IBCLC Commission recommend or endorse any particular programme or course in lactation education.

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