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Code of Professional Conduct

Code of Professional Conduct for IBCLCs
It is in the best interests of the profession of lactation consultants that there is a Code of Professional Conduct for IBCLCs to provide guidance to lactation consultants in their professional practice and conduct.

Please note that due to COVID-19 and until further notice, all Code of Professional Conduct Complaints and related case materials must be uploaded to IBLCELINK via Sharefile at https://iblce.sharefile.com/filedrop.

Please do not mail Code of Professional Conduct Complaints to the International Office in Fairfax, Virginia as the office is closed due to the pandemic and mail is delayed. 

Code of Professional Conduct Complaint Form
The IBCLC Commission, like most certification boards, has a complaint process with respect to alleged violations of the Code of Professional Conduct.  Any complaints must be signed and submitted to the IBCLC Commission (see form above). Before submitting a complaint, one should familiarise themselves with the Disciplinary Procedures and ensure compliance with the requirements.

Disciplinary Procedures
IBCLCs agree to be governed by the Code of Professional Conduct for IBCLCs and are also governed by the Disciplinary Procedures for any violations of the Code of Professional Conduct for IBCLCs.

Infographic regarding the Ethics & Disciplinary process

Sanctions List
The Disciplinary Procedures provide for public notification of public reprimand, suspension, and/or revocation.


Please note, all Appeals and related materials should be submitted via ShareFile here (Choose Recipient: White, A.). For specific information, please reach out to your regional officeFor your protection and privacy, the Commission can not accept Ethics and Discipline or Appeals materials via email. Any Appeals materials received via email will be deleted.