Recognised Breastfeeding Support Counsellor Organisations

The term “breastfeeding support counsellor” is used to identify individuals who obtain their lactation care experience in the following ways:

  • Paid or volunteer breastfeeding support counsellors who work within the following health care delivery organisations:
    • Hospital
    • Birth Centre
    • Community Clinic
    • Lactation Care Clinic/Practice
    • Primary Care Practitioner’s Practice/Office

Hours earned at the above locations are calculated at an hour-per-hour rate and may be determined by using the Lactation Specific Clinical Practice Calculator.

  • Volunteer, accredited breastfeeding support counsellors with organisations that are specifically listed below.
    • Hours earned after January 1, 2022, will be counted on an hour-per-hour basis.
      • For the purposes of examination application, these hours may be combined with the flat-rate hours completed in 2021 or before, to total at least 1000 clinical hours for Pathway 1. As part of the current requirements, please note that the clinical hours cannot be older than five years from the date of the examination application submission.
      • These hours can be calculated using the Lactation Specific Clinical Practice Calculator.
  • The Breastfeeding Support Counsellor Organisation must provide:
    • structured training programmes for their counsellors which includes comprehensive education in breastfeeding and lactation management
    • a Code of Ethics or Professional Conduct
    • structured supervision for counsellors, with an appropriate level of training
    • a continuing education programme for counsellors

The health care delivery organisations listed above (e.g. hospital, birth centre, etc.) and the following organisations meet the criteria to be definied as recognised breastfeeding support counsellor organisations:

  • Adelante, Red Latina de Salud y Educación/The Latino Network for Health and Education
  • Alimentación Segura Infantil (ASI)
  • Allaitement Tout Un Art
  • Allattamento e Dintorni APS
  • Ammenet Denmark
  • Amningshjälpen
  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft Freier Stillgruppen (AFS) – Bundesverband e.V.
  • Association of Breastfeeding Mothers—ABM, UK
  • Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA)
  • Baby Cafe USA
  • BACE – Nursing Mother’s Council
  • Berkshire Nursing Families (BNF)
  • Birth India
  • BirthKuwait
  • B.R.E.A.S.T. 4 Babes, Inc.
  • Breastfeeding Association of Taiwan
  • Breastfeeding For Love Project – China
  • Breastfeeding Heritage and Pride
  • Breastfeeding Mothers’ Support Group – Singapore
  • Breastfeeding Network UK
  • Breastfeeding Resource Center’s Community Counselors
  • Breastfeeding USA
  • The Breast Room—New Zealand
  • Centre de Ressources pour la
  • Naissance region Mauricie inc.
  • Chantelait Inc.
  • Chocolate Milk Café
  • Cible Famille Brandon
  • Cuidiu Ireland
  • Custodi del Femminino
  • Dr. MILK Physician Mother Support Network
  • Forældre og Fødsel Denmark
  • Joyfeeding Mothers — 享喂母乳哺育支持平台
  • Kodiak KINDNESS
  • Lactation Education Resources (LER)
  • Lactation University
  • La Leche League International (LLLI)
  • Latched Support
  • Le Re-Lait Montmagny-L’Islet
  • Lumos Cultural + Bianca Balassiano Amamentação
  • Mamme Con-Tatto
  • Message—Mother-support-group France for English speaking mothers
  • MilkWorks
  • Mom2Mom Global
  • Momma’s Village–Fayetteville
  • Mother-2-Mother – Taiwan
  • National Childbirth Trust
  • Nursing Mothers Alliance
  • Nourri Source
  • Nourri Lait
  • Nurturing Mothers Breastfeeding Advocacy Australia (NMBAA)
  • Ohio Parenting Collaborative
  • Open Arms Perinatal Services Lactation Support Peer Counselor Program
  • Programa Lactisoporte de Crianzamor
  • Project Milk Mission
  • Sisters Who Breastfeed (SWB)
  • Strength Based Community Change
  • The Breastfeeding Association of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Touch of Gold
  • Vital Village Network
  • Zulazu-Beit Daniel

We understand that not every breastfeeding support counsellor organisation which meets these criteria may be on this list. To learn more about how organisations can apply to be on the list, please contact the region that serves you.

Organization Changes since 2018

This list of organisations is updated periodically. Below is a summary of the changes since
December 2018.

DateAddedRemovedOther Changes
December 2018Nursing Mothers
February 2019Nursing Mothers Advisory
Council renamed as
Breastfeeding Resource
Center’s Community
June 2019Vital Village Network
August 2019Breastfeeding for Love Project – China
Association of Breastfeeding Mothers
November 2019Message—-Mother-support-group France for English speaking mothers
February 2020Breastfeeding Network UK
October 2020Berkshire Nursing Families (BNF)
December 2020Latched Support
February 2021Open Arms Perinatal Services Lactation Support Peer Counselor Program
July 2021Allaitement Tout Un Art
B.R.E.A.S.T. 4 Babes, Inc.
Breastfeeding Heritage and Pride
Chantelait Inc.
Lactation Education Resources (LER)
Le Re-Lait Montmagny-L’Islet
October 2021Joyfeeding Mothers — 享喂母乳哺育支持平台
November 2021Lumos Cultural +
Bianca Balassiano
Ohio Parenting Collaborative
February 2022Touch of Gold
March 2022Lactation University
Project Milk Mission
May 2022Allatttamento e Dintorni APS
August 2022Arbeitsgemeinschaft Freier Stillgruppen (AFS) — Bundescerband e.V.
The Breast Room — New Zealand
Programa Lactisoporte de Crianzaor
November 2022Cible Famille Brandon
January 2023Nurturing Mothers Breastfeeding Advocacy Australia (NMBAA)
February 2023 Mamme Con-Tatto
April 2023 Breastfeeding Q&A, UAE
July 2023 MilkWorks
September 2023Strength Based Community Change