IBLCE’s Examination Options & Examination Day Notice 2020

Examination Options

Whether you are an initial candidate or an IBCLC recertifying by examination, IBLCE has crafted policies to allow you to make the best decisions for you and your family given your own personal situation.

As IBLCE prepares for the 2020 examination, both IBCLCs and initial candidates have a number of choices available to them which allow for Live Remote Proctoring as made available in English by the testing vendor, testing at a test centre, deferring your fees to the next year, or financial refund of examination fees.

As discussed in the IBLCE Informational Webinar of May 28, 2020 and set forth on the IBLCE COVID-19 Resource Centre FAQs, here are the choices available to you:


As far as the financial choices available to you, below is a chart which sets forth decision points including relevant dates:

2020 March/April and September Examination Candidate Financial Options for Withdrawing/Cancelling Examination Appointment

ALL Candidates ​Partial Refund ​
(50% of fees paid)
Submit request to IBLCE by August 312020. 
INITIAL CandidatesDefer fees to an examination in 2021 Submit request with documented extraordinary circumstances* before your examination date or within 30 days after the examination window. 
Defer fees to an examination in 2021 and receive a one-year certification extension Submit request with documented extraordinary circumstances* and 15 L-CERPs before your examination date or within 30 days after the examination window.
ALL Candidates Full Refund Submit request to IBLCE by August 31, 2020 with documented extraordinary circumstances*. 

To request a deferral to an examination in 2021, contact the IBLCE location that serves you.

*Extraordinary circumstances include COVID-19 related concerns, such as job loss of the candidate and/or partner/spouse, COVID-19 health issue for candidate or immediate family member, and/or concern for going into the public due to COVID-19

For more details about these options visit the IBLCE COVID-19 page of the IBLCE website, as specific information and updates will be provided there when it is available. These options are only applicable to 2020 examination candidates due to COVID-19.

Your unique travel issues should be carefully considered.

Additionally, while local, state and federal regulations may restrict examination administration delivery at US locations; the IBCLC programme is deemed essential therefore offering greater test centre location availability.

IBLCE’s testing vendor Prometric is committed to remaining in compliance with governmental mandates and recommendations from the World Health Organization and will be dependent on local government guidelines. For further information on these social distancing policies and practices, please see here.

Look here and review the Examination Day Notice.

Updated on September 15, 2020

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