About the IBCLC Commission

Effective beginning in late 2022, to enhance efficiency, increase nimbleness, and allow IBLCE as an organisation to do more while preserving the integrity of the IBCLC certification programme, IBLCE realigned the organisation to create the IBCLC Commission, a common structure for nonprofits engaged in credentialing. The Commission, as designated in the IBLCE bylaws, has authority and autonomy over all essential certification activities related to the IBCLC programme, such as requirements for initial certification and recertification, examination development, scoring, appeals, and ethics and discipline.

This Commission structure allows IBCLC volunteer leaders, as well as a representative of the public, to focus on essential certification activities of the IBCLC programme while the IBLCE Board of Directors can focus on broad policy decisions and issues. The Commission provides a continued focus on the quality of the IBCLC programme and related processes.