Inactive Status and the Reinstatement Process

Inactive Status has replaced Lapsed Status. Previously, Lapsed candidates could only reinstate by examination. Candidates are now able to reinstate by examination or by CERPs from Inactive Status. Individuals in Inactive Status are not certified as IBCLCs.

If you are currently in Inactive Status (i.e. you did not recertify in 2022 when your IBCLC certification expired and did not fail a recertification examination), you will see some changes in your online credential management system account in the coming weeks.

You will see red text with your status (Inactive) and your expiration date. If you scroll down, you will find the options for “Reinstatement by Exam” or “Reinstatement by CE”.

Reinstatement by Examination

You can now apply to sit the September 2023 IBCLC examination here. In 2023 only, reinstatement candidates do not need to meet any additional requirements to reinstate by examination.

If you successfully reinstate by the September 2023 examination, your IBCLC credential will become effective on January 1, 2024.

Reinstatement by CERPs

You can now apply to reinstate by CERPs by logging into IBLCE’s online credential management system

If you plan to reinstate by CERPs, you will first need to attest to completing your continuing education in the “My CERPs Portfolio” (left menu). Please note that those Reinstating by CERPs must complete an additional 15 CERPs, for a total of 90 CERPs.

After you complete your CERPs Portfolio, you can continue by clicking “Submit Reinstatement Application” on your account home page.

After completing your application and paying the fee, you will find a status update on your account home page. Due to the system configuration, your new IBCLC certification effective date will depend on when you reinstate by CERPs. More information will be available on the IBCLC Commission website as it is available.

If you have questions about your situation, please contact the regional location that serves you.