IBLCE Introduces Inactive Status for 2023

As previously announced, IBLCE is introducing a new “Inactive” Status on January 1, 2023, that will allow candidates who did not recertify on time to reinstate either by examination or by CE Self-Assessment and CERPs.

Beginning with IBCLCs who were due to recertify in 2022, IBCLCs who do not recertify in the year their credential expires will automatically transition to Inactive Status on January 1 the following year. Thank you for noting that individuals are not certified as IBCLCs – and are not permitted to use the designation IBCLC after their name or practice as an IBCLC – while in Inactive Status.

To transition from Inactive status back to Active status, candidates will need to:

  • Reinstate by IBCLC examination or by CE Self-Assessment and CERPs, meeting all current recertification requirements*, in the year they hold Inactive status
    o Candidates must apply during the regular application windows posted on the IBLCE website
  • Earn an additional 15 CERPs**
  • Pay a fee

* Candidates reinstating by examination in 2023 only do not need to meet the Basic Life Support or 250 hours of clinical practice requirements.
** Candidates reinstating by examination in 2023 only do not need to complete an additional 15 CERPs.

Inactive Status will replace Lapsed Status. Previously, Lapsed candidates could only reinstate by examination. Candidates are now able to reinstate by examination or by CERPs from Inactive Status. If you applied for the reinstatement examination in March 2023 but would prefer to reinstate by CERPs, please contact the IBLCE region that serves you.