New Video Series: Watch how IBCLCs around the world have shown resilience during the pandemic

IBLCE disseminated a call for videos showing how IBCLCs were responding to the pandemic, and the responses we received are inspiring. This year has been challenging for so many – and the impact of this pandemic will be felt, in some cases profoundly, for some time yet.  Yet these videos give great hope.

We have compiled the video submissions into a short series. You can watch them all here or below.

We are so grateful to the IBCLCs who shared their stories with us and made this possible!

We received stories from seventeen IBCLCs in nine countries: some had transitioned to remote consults. Some donned personal protective equipment (PPE) daily for in-person care. Still others focused on sharing information, training colleagues, or creating spaces for families to meet online. All were united in their effort to work collaboratively to ensure that breastfeeding families can access the support they need when they need it.

A sincere thank you to all IBCLCs for learning new skills, adapting, and showing resilience so that families do not have to navigate the challenges of breastfeeding alone. We hope you can see yourself in the challenges and successes shared in these videos – and know that we are all in this together.