Strategic Plan

IBLCE’s Vision
IBLCE is valued worldwide for advancing global public health and is the most trusted source for credentialing practitioners in lactation and breastfeeding care.

IBLCE’s Mission
Serving the global public interest by advancing professional practice in lactation consultation and support through credentialing.

IBLCE’s Values

Excellence: We strive for excellence
Diversity: We value and respect different cultures, languages, and backgrounds.
Respect: Our interactions are guided by respect for others.
Integrity: We are honest and ethical.
Communication: We believe open and timely communication is important.
Collaboration: We work together to achieve the best results.

Strategic Initiatives

Credentialing Advancement & Growth: Ensure long-term sustainability of the global mission by monitoring the IBCLC uptake and primarily focusing our efforts and resources in language groups/areas where utilisation of the credential can best sustain the foundation of the mission, and secondarily (when resources are available) identify potential new/revitalised opportunities that promote further accessibility for the benefit of credentialing growth.

Credentialing Products & Services (Content & Quality): Ensure we continue to support the provision of high-quality, relevant, standards-driven, and accessible credentialing programmes that align with, and sustain, our mission.

People & Operational Excellence: Provide policies, structures, and processes, leveraging innovative best practices, which contribute to highly motivated and engaged Board, volunteers, and staff.

Fiscal Health & Sustainability: Continue to grow and maintain IBLCE’s financial health and sustainability, enabling advancement of our mission and goals.

Read the Strategic Plan Executive Summary here.