Certificant Spotlight

Patricia Díaz Lorenzo is a paediatrician, IBCLC and doula from Caracas, Venezuela. Dr. Díaz fell in love with working with breastfeeding families during her paediatric residency at the main Children’s Hospital of Venezuela “José Manuel de los Ríos,” where she first received training at the hospital’s lactation centre “Mi Gota de Leche” (“My Drop of Milk”). She continued to further her lactation studies, becoming a proud IBCLC in 2015.

Currently, she practices at La Trinidad Teaching Medical Center (CMDLT), where she works in the Paediatrics Department and Healthy Newborn Station. Here she has gradually helped to create a lactation culture and to advance the Baby-Friendly Initiative. Dr. Diaz also provides lactation training to medical students and coordinates the monthly lactation support group.

Since 2015, Dr. Díaz has served as both Chair of the Organizational Committee, and as an invited speaker for, the World Breastfeeding Week Conference at CMDLT. Dr. Díaz lectures frequently on breastfeeding topics both nationally and internationally. She appears weekly on national TV as a paediatric and lactation specialist, during the segment “Ask the Experts” in Portada’s Morning Magazine, Venevisión, where she advocates for breastfeeding families.

She remains passionate about helping breastfeeding families to overcome barriers to achieve their lactation goals.