2024 Examination Live Remote Proctoring (LRP) Information

Live Remote Proctoring (LRP) allows you to take a professional, computer-based test on your own computer equipment in your home, or other location that meets the workspace criteria, with security and testing practices in place that are similar to that of a testing centre. You will be on web-camera with the Remote Proctor for the duration of your examination; if you have a question about LRP rules or other questions unrelated to examination content, you will be able to contact the Remote Proctor at any time.  Learn more about the LRP examination process, including how to message your proctor, in this video.

Please review the Supplemental Guide for Live Remote Proctoring, in conjunction with the Candidate Information Guide and the Recertification Guide, for a full overview of this examination mode.

You can find information about your options, which may include LRP, to help you decide how to take the IBCLC examination this year on the Examination FAQs page. The use of LRP has been approved for the 2024 IBCLC examination administrations. Please note that LRP may not be offered in the future. Additionally, LRP is offered only in English at this time. 

If you are not sure if LRP is the right option for you, you can review Prometric’s video on what to expect during your examination. 

Please note that if you are requesting a breast/chestfeeding break, you are able to take this break using the LRP option.  You will be taking this break outside of the view of the web-camera.  You can find the Procedures for Breast/Chestfeeding During Examination Administration here.

If you have decided to take the IBCLC examination via LRP or are still considering this option, please review the checklists below to learn how to prepare for the examination via LRP. You can click any step of the checklist to view more information or view the detailed checklist in full here

Please note that we are making this information available to you on this website and will update it periodically.  We encourage you to review this information and Prometric’s website on a regular basis.  

To facilitate a smoother testing experience, you will want to read through this information carefully. 

Updated on November 8, 2023